Bom (about CL) :

“She’s a leader in every sense.” (Oricon Style, 21/09/11)

“CL is a cute lion. CL’s hands are chubby like a baby’s so it’s cute and it’s like you are touching a lion’s hands.”  (RAY, 31/03/12)

“Before debuting as 2NE1, we did a rap feature for each other for fun and CL was really impressive. Although there was a big age gap, I did think that we were well-suited to each other.”  (10asia, 2009)

CL (about Bom) :

“BOM is the mood maker. On stage, she captivates with her overwhelming skills as a singer and her beautiful long legs but as soon as she steps off stage, she’ll turn into the cute BOM. That gap in her image is what I think fans love so much.”  (Oricon Style, 21/09/11)

”(…) She is a very funny person but on stage she completely changes. She sings wonderfully.” (Kan Fun, 2011)

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