CL (2NE1)
At first glance, CL may give the impression of a strong woman.
Likewise, you might think that too of the strong and bold clothes of designer Kye Han Hee. Therefore here we have a product and a woman that you might misunderstand. While this seems like a bold woman in a KYE piece and tattoos, actually it is a piece that makes use flesh-coloured fabric (to create an outfit) that expresses the idea of ‘conservative women’. Thanks to the explosive energy that she shows on stage, you might think of CL as a ‘strong female warrior’ but in front of the camera, her movements and grace are infinitely feminine. A confident look that expresses just the right amount of shyness. This is a lovely woman that possesses both strength and weakness.

Blurb on CL transcribed by 톡쏘는채린@LEECHAERIN.COM
Translated by CLTBF

Source: wowji + 21_Tok@LeeChaerin.com

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    She is a masterpiece, a work of art *-* Hope she continues these fashion photoshoots, she totally suits them. Like a...

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